Open Primary Schools at Weekends

Half the school pupil numbers by opening schools at weekends, pupils could spend 3.5 days per week in school covering core subjects, all other non core subjects such as RE, PE etc optional and held in community areas, church halls, or online schooling covering these subjects for the remaining 1.5 days. Bring in retired teachers and final year student teachers to cover shorfalls and to facilitate the cover for the extra days (similar to what the NHS done to save lifes.) This means all kids still getting the required education that they are entitled to in the same environement that they are used to. This will not affect their daily routines as no amendments made to starting or finishing times of the school day, only change would be that maybe their school day is a Saturday rather than a Tuesday.

Why the contribution is important

Reduces class sizes which encourages social distancing, in turn promoting health of the community. It also provides pupils with the education that they are entitled to, with the option to still engage in non core subjects. This will also ensure pupils are still receiving appropriate rest and time off and provides the pupils with interaction with their peers outwith a virtual environment which will have many benefits for their mental health and wellbeing.

by elledoh on May 11, 2020 at 09:53PM

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