Open schools and let low risk workers get back to work

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We have been told that the under 45s are a “low risk” group for coronavirus. To prevent further damage to our economy and even further job losses - start staggering the opening of schools, in phases, to allow the under 45s to get back to work. The oil price is devastatingly low, and unlikely to rise anytime soon. Thousands of jobs are at risk when the oil industry has only just saved itself from the 2012 downturn.

Prevent further job losses by starting the phased opening of schools, protecting our children’s mental health, and allowing the low risk age groups back to work. The economy has to start churning again soon or we risk irreparable damage to society.

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Because it is scientifically proven that 80% of the population is not at high risk of coronavirus becoming fatal.

by Ragray on May 06, 2020 at 09:22PM

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