Open the Golf Courses

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Golf courses are safer than the supermarkets. They should be allowed to open ASAP as it is a great form of exercise, fresh air and good for our mental health. It’s easy to social distance on a gold course, much easier than being in a supermarket. My golf club like the majority of clubs have planning in place for when they open after lockdown. On a golf course groups are usually in twos or threes. It’s easy to be 2 metres apart on the tee then walking down the fairway everyone walks apart going towards their ball. On the green no one needs to be beside their playing partner so can still keep 2 metres apart.

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For our mental health, getting fresh air and exercise. This kills three birds with one stone so to speak. Golf courses also need to retain their membership and bring in revenue. Obviously the clubhouse or bar can’t open.

by JolanA16 on May 05, 2020 at 06:43PM

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