Open Up Scottish Contruction Sites

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We have seen that many house builders and construction companies have been able to stay open during this lockdown by following strict site rules on areas such as social distancing, good hand hygiene practices, disinfecting contact surfaces and use of PPE/RPE where required. However, for some reason the SG has not allowed construction sites in Scotland to work unless work is in connection with NHS, Key works. This must be changed immediately, many construction companies which are UK based operating in 1 part of the UK with appropriate controls in place but no justification from SG why these same controls can't applied successfully in Scotland is just not right. The same management controls can be applied here allowing sites to open back up and get workers back into work. The longer this position being adopted by the SG then the more pressure for this unjust position will be tested.
The above is not only applicable to Construction but also to other businesses such as motor trade, retail etc.

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Getting the economy back up in running is vitally important for this country, without many businesses getting back up and running then there won't be a economy to come back to. The management of COVID-19 must be run in parallel with the management control measures to minimise the risk in the workplace from this virus. There is no reason why companies can't get back up and running. This will not only help the economy but also boost morale, health and well-being of all staff alike.

by Searchers1 on May 06, 2020 at 12:41PM

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