Open vehicle repair garages

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Allow vehicle repair garages to reopen as in most cases they can enable effective physical distancing of their staff and customers. Then link this to the idea elsewhere in this category for the provision of a website where businesses can demonstrate via a self assessment form what measures and practices they have put into place to comply and be safe. Staff and customers could then search for that business, see what they have done and then decide if they wish to give their custom to that business.

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Whilst MOT requirements have been postponed by 6 months, there are probably many people who despite not having driven their vehicles much over the past few weeks, still need vehicles to be serviced or repaired due to wear and tear. The smaller garage businesses would benefit from this reopening, they could start earning money, pay the wages, reduce need to claim from the Government for furloughed staff and business support funds.

by AndyLippok on May 07, 2020 at 12:42PM

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