Organised outdoor exercise for kids without gardens

Councils would collate numbers of kids without their own gardens to play in, who can be alloted a timeslot and location for outdoor exercise.
Parks or even school playgrounds could be opened up for this, a grid system taped out on the ground and kids' parents able to book a slot. Each kid would have, say, a 2m x 2m section of the park with gym equipment provided - Hula hoops and skipping ropes and things like that. Sessions could be led by PE teachers or council employed gym staff to get kids moving but also to be around other kids, while observing social distancing. Should be manageable if limited to about ten kids at a time at first and equipment rotated out for cleaning

Why the contribution is important

If you don't have a garden there are greater mental health stresses than for those with gardens. You might be able to take kids out for a walk but that's not going to be enough for them and the loneliness could have long term problems. Additionally you might be walking in built up areas or areas with higher motor traffic which isn't ideal
Getting kids out in fresh air, in a large public space, near (but not too close) to other kids and taking part in communal exercise will be great for their mental and physical health and a load off stressed parents' minds too.
No reason we couldn't expand this for all kids or allow kids who do have space at home to borrow clean equipment and follow online sessions

by Euan on May 05, 2020 at 04:03PM

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  • Posted by lindyloo May 05, 2020 at 16:24

    This is an excellent idea. We are focusing on having the lockdown to prevent older people from dying yet the mental impact in children and their families hasn't even been thought about. I really feel sorry for ang family in a tower block with no green space at all for them to play on.
  • Posted by Shannon May 05, 2020 at 16:51

    I agree that outdoor excersise could be facilitated by p.e teachers to promote the healthy physical development of children and young people.
    We live in a flat and social distancing is incredibly difficult in a communal area.
    To prevent social unrest, obesity and to promote the healthy development of children. Something like this must be considered.
  • Posted by Scotswede May 05, 2020 at 17:08

    I support this.

    Local authority public spaces, unused school grounds and fields and leisure centres could be good and safely managed locations. Will allow the redeployment of local authority cleaning staff - as well as PE teachers and gym staff.

    However, this should be restricted to geographic proximity - i.e your local school grounds or nearest leisure centre
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