Outdoor Education in/with schools

I propose that outdoor educators in Scotland be utilised within schools, or in partnership with schools, to create positive learning experiences within a COVID-safe learning environment. The benefits of outdoor learning for children and young people are well documented and are already being enveloped into the CfE. Children and young people have been deprived of meaningful outdoor experiences, valuable education and social interactions while in lockdown, and outdoor education practitioners have the skills to facilitate the achievement of these crucial aspects of their development in a safe manner post lockdown. I believe that Scotland should seize this opportunity to move towards sustained growth of outdoor education within, and alongside, the curriculum. This can be achieved post-lockdown by bringing skilled and experienced outdoor educators from across the country into schools, or by taking the strain off of teachers and schools by utilising the facilities and personnel of the existing outdoor education network.

Why the contribution is important

Education is as important going forwards as it ever has been, although is now under new stress from Coronavirus, with worries about social distancing, and quality of experience that children and young people can expect in this new learning environment. Outdoor Education can provide fantastic learning experiences across the curriculum and beyond, and can be utilised safely in a world of social distancing. Outdoor Educators could help reduce the strain on schools by providing skills, personnel and resources to ensure a high quality education is had by all in Scotland.

by CameronKilgour on May 11, 2020 at 09:20PM

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