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If the emerging evidence is that transmission of the virus is less likely outdoors than indoors, and if (as seems likely) transmission is higher in more densely populated areas, then it is worth considering the parameters around any increase in outdoor activity as we emerge from lockdown. I believe that we should be less preoccupied with the distance from home and consider instead the time factor. As an illustration, surely there would be less risk in permitting car travel to a remote area for hillwalking, so long as people return home the same day, than simply allowing a small increase in the distance they could travel? The former would disperse people more widely and create greater scope for responsible choices of outdoor activity.

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Greater diversity of choice and location in outdoor activity would reduce the risk of large numbers congregating and expand the range of options for healthy exercise. It would also make better use of Scotland’s natural assets and make people feel trusted to make sensible decisions within reasonable limits.

by kimfellows on May 07, 2020 at 05:48PM

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