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Open up all for under 45's. The stats from Scotland suggest 19 people below this age have died from Cov-19 whilst the most vulnerable in society are above this age and reaching two thousand.
Let’s open up all shops, all cinemas, all pubs and restaurants for those under 45. This gets the economy back up and running, prevents poverty and reduces risk in the longer term.
Yes, this is herd immunity but I feel it’s a more sensible approach to it. It would require all of us above that age to continue with social distancing and to stay at home until the “R” value reduces to an extent where we can all meet again.

As a 55 year old I’m happy to give up a small part of my life for this to happen and allow the younger community to provide the immunity we need. And yes, this is only optional and not a mandatory suggestion.

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For the long term sake of all....financial and mental health

by allan on May 06, 2020 at 10:03PM

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