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The WHO advice about age restrictions applies to people who are over 60 , not 70, and indeed the FM herself declares that over 65's not over 70's are at most risk.
This is because of immune response diminishes with age, according to the much quoted 'science' and less to do with being fit or unfit.
At the moment under lock down, it is easy for over 65's to keep pretty isolated from the population. However when lock down is over many are going to be forced back to the work place, as their work has been ear-marked as not being achievable by home -working. I and many other people of this age group are in full and part-time employment unable to retire, either due to financial constraints or due to rises in pension age .
Many in this age group have to rely on public transport and spend a substantial proportion of our working day commuting, for myself this can be up to 3 hours each day.
I am very concerned about returning to workplace,especially as my workplace includes colleagues who commute by public transport from all over the central belt.
Based on experiences at the start of the pandemic, my workplace will not be keen to make any concessions for people who are older, and/or rely on public transport.
I cannot comprehend that over 65's are deemed to be 'at risk' but not at risk enough to be offered any protection.
I'm afraid that I will be penning my resignation after posting this.

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Because people in the age group 65-70 may suffer severe illness or even die because of being forced to work away from the home environment

by mthom30 on May 11, 2020 at 04:00PM

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