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I have been confined to the house as sole carer for my elderly, at risk parents (80 and 86yrs old) We are accustomed to getting out and about, runs in the countryside and to the beach. I would like to be able to take them out for a car run, not even to get them out to mix with other people but take a picnic to eat in the car and then drive home. A simple pleasure that would make a prolonged lockdown period so much more bearable for all of us. I am very aware of the risks to them if they mix with others and even my daughter has not been allowed in the house during this time. I paused my father’s care package to prevent carers coming in to the house and to free them to supply care to people who perhaps have no family to care for them. I would therefore benefit hugely from being able to take them out.

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The mental health of all three members of my household would benefit enormously from being allowed out for a short drive. Neither of my parents can exercise so cannot walk or cycle. And I do not leave the house for fear of bringing virus home. Leaving the house together is the only way to ensure they are both safe and we all have some pleasure restored.

by KathleenM on May 08, 2020 at 06:03PM

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  • Posted by Slaurand May 08, 2020 at 19:07

    Anyone who is sheilding should be allowed to 'go for a drive' for their mental health. Maybe they could have a badge like a blue badge so they don't get harassed.
  • Posted by trishwood May 08, 2020 at 19:39

    There has been some speculation that there might be blanket continued isolation for the over-70s. Fair enough for vulnerable folk in this category but to impose further wholesale blanket restrictions would be grossly unfair. There are very many over-70s who are extremely fit and healthy with very active lives, playing sport, swimming, hill-walking. And there are very many much younger people who are obese, with major underlying health problems who would have less restrictions. It’s hard enough adhering to the general current lockdown without having to endure extended restrictions if and when they are eased for younger folk.
  • Posted by MaryKin May 08, 2020 at 21:02

    I know of others in your position and the idea of a drive for a picnic in the car is certainly appealing. However whilst it sounds risk free, increased use of a car means an increased number of visits to petrol stations and possible visits to public toilets which would have to be deep cleaned after each use.
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