Overall strategy rethink

As well as looking at what to open up you should look at who is struggling with lockdown and target measures to release them first.

Maybe target post code areas where there are no gardens and small flats. They could be allowed back to work first and given more time outside. This would mean businesses could open with skeleton staff to see how it went

This would reduce the number of people returning to work. All children under 15 should be allowed to go back to school. Children are at very low risk but can be super spreaders so lots of testing of teachers and children at the beginning and end of the week. At the end of every school day they should have their hands cleaned and leave their bags and books in school. Change immediately they get home

Why the contribution is important

These ideas will separate out different groups and will have the benefit of releasing fewer people at once.

It will also mean that people who are finding the lockdown hardest will get relief sooner than those who are finding it ok

I am not intending to relax my routine for some time because I am retired have a reasonable income and live in a fairly spacious flat with a partner. If by staying out of the way we can reduce the risk of spread we should be asked to do so.

by Ablai on May 10, 2020 at 05:27PM

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