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My idea is for p7 students to return before the end of term even for 2 weeks so they can do transition days and finish primary. That way social distancing can be enforced as there are not many p7s to a class. It will also allow p7s with additional support needs e.g deaf, adhd or autism the chance to know their classes and teachers in s1. It will also give them the chance of long lasting good memories of leaving primary school the same way every other years p7s have.

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It is important for pupils to have their transition days to prepare for the huge change to secondary school. Especially ones who have to go by school bus as their new school is further away. Then they know where they get the bus and when they get off. It will also help their mental health so they arent worrying about the first weeks of secondary during the summer holidays. Lastly it will give the students and teachers of the primary schools to have some last days with their leaving students as they've spent 7 years with themand I'm sure the students will want to see them before they start secondary.

by Fran4 on May 11, 2020 at 08:01PM

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