P7 to S1

I think it is important the P7 children get the transition to S1 they deserve. It would be unfair for children to go straight to high school without the preparations they would usually have. I feel that a couple of weeks back either in June or August before they go into high school would be important to allow the children some time to prepare for high school. This may mean that each class stays the same until around October and then they all move on with new teachers and new classes. The children will already have many anxieties and it will be unfair to launch them into the deep end. If the children need to social distance initially this may mean that half the class come to school one week and the next the other half until the restrictions ease off.

Why the contribution is important

I am a primary seven teacher and I can already sense the anxieties amongst the children and parents around what transition will look like. The children have already missed out on key events and learning in their last few months of school and it is only fair they get the ending they deserve.

by mmclaren92 on May 11, 2020 at 03:46PM

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