People not listening / spitting

My concern is people are getting bored and restless the streets are busier , roads etc people are visiting people they shouldn’t and are not observing 2m rule , we need another big prime time broadcast to remind people that the lockdown is still very much active and stop going to shops for no reason . Can I also suggest some sort of fine and some media warnings about people spitting in the street in last 5 days have seen multiple people spit on the street or spit to clear throat while running etc please highlight this point more as it’s disgusting and can transmit disease if somebody was to touch it by accident / children etc , please give timeframes for what people can do and maybe advertise more hitting images of the conditions the nhs workers are facing to maybe make people think twice about actions

Why the contribution is important

Because we need to get rate of infection down so we can get economy and schools bk in some way

by Ivory11 on May 05, 2020 at 02:13PM

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