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I like many are in lockdownare in the wrong location due to our circumstances at time of lockdown. In my case because the house that I had nearly completed on Skye and which I was working on to be my home is out of reach whilst I am stuck in Glasgow. I won't be alone in this scenario. My idea is that if someone can travel by car (not public transport) and commit to 14 days self isolation at their destination location then provision should be made to permit this travel. If necessary this can be supplimented by the following:) - confirm no COVID symptoms at time of departure (or better still taking a test. - maintaining social distancing on journey. - travel solo or only with family members from same household - have proof of residence at destination location (Council Tax notice, utility bill etc) - committing to self isolation at destination for 14 days, and take sufficient provisions to support this. - if necessary contact local GP services on arrival and recontact at end of 14 days to confirm COVID free status All of the above carries less risk to the public than any of us going to the local supermarket. Colin Campbell

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To get the active population out of their houses and lockdown as quickly and as safely as possible. By making a contribution to the economy. Only by people doing activities and spending money will the economy slowly recover. After 24 days isolation people will purchase food and supplies locally. In my case building supplies and employment of local tradesmen. To maintain as much level of normal activity as possible with no increase in risk to the public. In my case I would be staying in a remote location where the nearest house is 200 yards away not 2 metres. By being in the right location people will be more productive and at same time have improved mental and physical health as a result. By being in the right location, people will be better placed to assist others as the lockdown is eased (assuming no CoVID infection)

by Campbellc1000 on May 06, 2020 at 04:02PM

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  • Posted by miandl May 08, 2020 at 15:58

    I'd agree with most of your suggestions: Surely rather than adding risk and paperwork for the local GP, the existing testing services should be adapted to handle this "use-case" by being able to simultaneously book a test before and after a period of quarantine at two different locations (for Skye, let us say Glasgow Airport for beforehand and Inverness for afterwards) with a record which can be used to notify one's local GP at the quarantine location if required. Subsequent to the second test, one would be issued with some document to permit one to to move freely in the Highlands for work and purchases as a "local". If on the otherhand you'd already be moving permanently, then you'd need to re-register with a local GP in Skye anyway. ....
  • Posted by miandl May 08, 2020 at 16:19

    There's only one small problem: according to the referenced web-site "The test is only reliable for those who have symptoms." Until there are accurate anti-body tests or tests which pick up actively infected but asymptomatic cases, this suggestion won't fly.
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