Phase in participation sports

Many participation sports operate with 2 metre distancing as the existing norm. Tennis is one such example. Please consider an early date for it's restart. Playing tennis in late February and early March, shaking of hands had already been replaced by racquet touching. For younger people, Cricket, at club level should be reintroduced, providing modifications can take place for wicket celebrations, for example, and use of changing rooms. I would hope that Badminton too, would follow, with new procedures in place.

Why the contribution is important

Taking part in a sport for any age group is beneficial to mental and physical health. Being deprived it, stores up problems of general health & wellbeing, that will increase susceptibility to disease, and increase the risk of suicide & self-harm. Some sports are more suitable for a phased earlier restart.

by KeithMillar on May 10, 2020 at 08:35AM

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  • Posted by Hewitsongg May 10, 2020 at 10:56

    Agree that we need a phased approach to re-introducing participation sport - based on clear advice and standards linked to the actual levels of risk involved. People are passionate about their own sport and naturally want to see that resume as soon as possible, but we need rational, considered decisions and not those based on emotion and personal preference. For those involved in the administration of sport at community level, we need to see a clear path to resumption set out - what will be possible, when. This will allow for clubs and organisations to plan their activities - from maintaining contact and interest over periods of restriction to the re-introduction of coaching and match play
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