Phased return

1 school day a week for groups, for example 1st years and 6th years on mondays to reduce foot traffic through schools. Given home study / zoom classes for the rest of the week. Return of some businesses that are able to prevent large gatherings, for example return of stores if limiting number of customers at a time.
Return of workers, phased workday if possible with staff on early and backshift to reduce number of colleagues in building at a time or home working to continue if possible.
Allow people to be outdoors in local area only as long as social distancing.
Then when the effects of this are observed return of leisure activities where social distancing can be observed for example fishing and golf, however only the outdoor areas and not indoor club areas.
Delayed return of entertainment / leisure which involves large gatherings until a vaccine is available or huge improvement is seen, including sporting events, music events, restaurants, cinema, bars, pubs, clubs etc.
Delayed return of non urgent surgeries or treatments as this could spread covid to vulnerable patients.

Why the contribution is important

To improve economic growth as much as is safely possible and improve mental wellbeing
Aim to reduce the next spike in cases as much as possible, with the contingency plan of further lockdown if cases increase above a certain number in areas.

by Togi on May 05, 2020 at 04:24PM

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  • Posted by Kirklistonjohn May 06, 2020 at 02:27

    Remote teaching should be increased but be more focused and teacher led - especially create the opportunity for one to one video links for tutorials between teacher and pupil.
    This would take the weight of parents especially key workers and those working at home and tap in to the vast teacher at home resource.
  • Posted by Invlad May 06, 2020 at 13:59

    Phased return to school should prioritise vulnerable groups so that staff/multi agency professionals can engage/support/safeguard them. We also need to focus on the groups in the process of transitions to ensure their educational continuity is not further impacted due to current lockdown.

    Fishing and golf should be resumed with strict protocols in place i.e. individual activity unless with household member or carer. For golf, clubhouses and pro shop facilities should all still be on lockdown and potentially golf would be for members only unless clubs had honesty box systems in place.
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