Planning for the further use of church buildings during restrictions

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To suggest the opening of church buildings for worship. Probably not at present, but in around 3-4 weeks. However, preparing for this opening by setting out likely requirements for hygiene, social distancing, recording and travel. This enables church to prepare and give older people some peace of mind that it is not immediate.

Presently, many churches are operating food banks of various kinds and trying to practice social distancing, which has become more successful with the assistance of the Police and the local authority. In particular, the removal of waste is a challenge. Giving more guidance of how these operate would enable some that have closed to open. For instance, we could provide hot meals and a more public face to emergency food provision. But, it would be really good to have the requirements set out.

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The first idea would help churches prepare, rather than come to opening up without preparations. The requirements in Germany seem a good model for Scotland in three or four weeks.

The second idea would confirm what is happening to some extent, but enable it continue within the requirements and expand a little. Something along the lines of supermarket provision would be sensible where practicable.

by GordonSharp on May 07, 2020 at 12:39PM

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