please can i see a couple of friends

I live alone have no family and have lost my job due to Covid 19
PLEASE can you lift this draconian restriction that means I cannot see ANYONE - I am so desperately lonely and isolated - all I want is to be able to invite one maybe two girlfriends round for some company

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My mental health is seriously being affected by the isolation I am under.
I cannot stand this isolation for any longer
PLEASE SCOTTISH GOVT - consider people who live alone - there are many people like me who don't have a family to support them - all I have is a few friends who I am being prevented from seeing

by daz7067 on May 10, 2020 at 07:35PM

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  • Posted by Elkie May 10, 2020 at 21:40

    People living alone, are very disadvantaged, one could even argue, that it borders on discrimination.
    Violence in families, stuck together in lockdown are a huge problem. But ordering single people to live in isolation for so many week, is torture. And it has to end now.
    Seeing two or three people, often young women, sitting on camping stools placed more than two meters apart in a driveway, having a wee chat, is the one bending of rules, that makes me actually smile.
    They are hurting absolutely no one, act responsibly - that shouldn't be rule breaking.
    In fact, they are taking care of each other. Rather helpful behavior.
    The only issue I do have with the grandparents meeting their grandchildren in form of the older generation staying in the house behind a window and the children running and playing outside in front of them, is, that it might be painful for other grandparents to have to watch the fun, while being lonely.
    Most people can be trusted to act responsibly. Those who can't be bothered already do as they please.
  • Posted by Christina May 11, 2020 at 12:15

    AGREED. I was lonely as it was and now it's like torture. More consideration to single person households please.
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