Police stop and question

Basically much as you have said. Police manning as many roads as possible and checking where people have come from, where they are going and why. Only essential travellers allowed to continue and others turned back. On the spot fines for anyone insisting they go onwards. I’d also suggest that the A9 and A82 have the same stop and question travellers.

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We need to let other UK areas know that we really mean they are not yet welcome back here. We will be inundated with motor homers, campers, people going to cottages in areas where we don’t have enough local hospital cover for locals let alone visitors. It is also extremely important that visitors don’t bring the virus with them. The way England is going there will be a further huge rise in the numbers infected and we don’t want it spread here. Visitors could travel here before they even know they have it, I think this is an extremely important part policy to have in place ASAP.

by bellamac on May 11, 2020 at 07:57PM

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