Pregnancy - Guidelines pre and post birth

Full guidelines required for women who are currently pregnant and post partum. Pregnancy is an extremely vulnerable period and with the added uncertainty of COVID-19, it is hard to navigate. Guidance is required for those women and households for the current period and beyond (until a vaccine?). E.g. visitors to new baby? Help with older child whilst in hospital giving birth? A long term plan is required.

Why the contribution is important

This idea is important because: - vulnerable period in women’s lives, some clear advice would allow structure, certainty and planning - pregnancy is 9 months and would be helpful to plan for the coming months - baby has no immune system and reducing the risk to this demographic (although no cases regionally) should be important - COVID-19 is going to be present until there is a vaccine, pregnant and recently post partum women cannot be expected to make plans only for the next 3 weeks until guidance in refreshed - maternal mental health should be put at the forefront of this - the affects of this pandemic will be around for many many years, some guidance may reduce the mental health affects - new mothers cannot be expected to navigate this crisis along with the new journey of motherhood - manage expectations of friends and relatives, therefore reducing stress on the new parents - take pressure off NHS and maternity staff who are not able to give robust advice at present

by cunninghamcc on May 11, 2020 at 05:42AM

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