Prevention better than cure

It seems to me that we are all engrossed in the process of getting our normal life back, with some justification, whilst completely ignoring the elephant in the room. This is not the first Corona virus we have seen, it will not be the last. And who is to say the next one won-'t be more devastating than this one, or indeed that it won't stri,e before we've seen the back of this one. It's for this reason I beleive we should be investing heavily to prevent a re- occurence. The technology is widely available to keep almost any virus at a reproduction rate of less than one if properly deployed. We can kill the virus on buses, planes, vehicles, in the air, in hospitals, in supermarkets etc. We just can't kill it in people, so the aim must be to kill it before it infects people.

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It is important to consider this in full because we can prevent a rerun of this badly managed debachle, if we learn from it. The cost to do so would be huge, but what has it cost in terms of economy and bailouts, not to mention lives, this time around.

by JohnID on May 05, 2020 at 03:27PM

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  • Posted by MrsC May 05, 2020 at 17:31

    Definitely agree that resources need to be put in place so that a second peak or another virus can be dealt with much more efficiently than has been the case with this virus
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