Prevention of airborne infection is paramount. One way, seemingly never publicised, is to spray a liquid into the nose, which forms a barrier to viruses. There are various preparations on the market, such as First Defence, Dual Defence and Coldzyme (an enzyme). I have used one for some time as a prophylactic when going into crowded areas such as trains, buses and theatres. The last time I had any infection was a stuffed up nose in February 2019. I am also old! I guess doctors have refrained from suggesting use is that there are not enough robust clinical studies to prove usefullness. Can I suggest that (a) some sort of robust study is set up and (b) people try them out -you have nothing to loose but a few pounds, and you might prevent an infection!

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These are benign antiviral medications which are cheap and could possibly save lives.

by fotheringham on May 05, 2020 at 04:14PM

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