Priorities can be split into 4 headings - none more important than the other, and a phased approach to addressing each. 1. Improve mental health 2. Restoration of heath services and screening 3.Education 4.restarting economy Phase One - Continue Stay at Home messaging with some gradual, eased changes Improve mental health by: allowing small family meetings, targeting support to remove isolation, allow outdoor 'meet up' of friends in local authority parks and venues in a strictly socially distance and control manner. Restore key health services, dental services and screening to reduce chance of poor health outcomes longterm Education - immediate focus on priority pupils returning to school (transitioning nursery to p1, p7 to year1, school leavers and ASN pupils) This should be easier to manage social distancing across schools and staggered days can be used. Restart to economy - Focus on 'appointment only' non-essential shop opening, encourage click and collect services, manufacturing and outdoor work that can be safely managed social distance. Focus on local authority services (libraries/leisure centres and recycling centres) being staffed and managed safely (I.e bookings for time in the library, outdoor fitness classes and sports facilities, booked time to visit recycling centres)

Why the contribution is important

This allows a slow, gradual and measurable return to social and economic viability whilst prioritising health. Focus on appointments/bookings/click and collect to avoid queuing/crowds and excess traffic. Allows businesses to test trade, restart slowly and protect their staff. Allows a slow but wide ranging restart, which avoids the social inequity of keeping the vulnerable locked away whilst young and healthy returns to work.

by Scotswede on May 10, 2020 at 12:31PM

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