Prioritise anti-body testing

As well as the Govt.'s plan to test those suspected of having the virus and key workers, anti-body tests should be rolled out to the general population using data held on local GP practices registers of patients.

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Whilst there is currently no proof that a person cannot be reinfected, if we assume that a person is 'safe' post-infection, the benefits of anti-body tests are: Govt obtains accurate data on how many people have already been infected can plan for how many people may still need NHS help, and use the info to adjust down the lockdown provisions if a large % already have anti-bodies. From a mental health perspective, knowing you have antibodies will provide immeasurable peace of mind, particularly to those in higher risk groups if it transpires that they have already had the virus and were asymptomatic/had put it down to a winter bug back in the early part of 2020. It will also enable individuals to know they can go back to work or volunteering.

by Makes_Sense on May 09, 2020 at 04:18PM

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