Private nurseries/after school

Discussing more how these will be affected in the “new normal” as they come under businesses and school category.
A rough date of when these businesses would be allowed to open in some capacity would help people understand how they are going to juggle work and childcare.

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I’m a key worker and my husband is trying to work from
home with a 18 month old - a situation a lot of people are in just now. Once lockdown is relaxed and workplaces start to go back, like many others, we’ll have no childcare apart from grandparents who also work and have vulnerable elderly to care for also.
If a rough date could be provided then families could work out leave in order to not to have to cross households or opt for unpaid leave.

by Julie2307 on May 06, 2020 at 04:30AM

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  • Posted by Pennymac61 May 06, 2020 at 16:11

    Schools and childcare hubs have already proven their ability to adapt environments and have had the time to develop proposals that demonstrate a viability to continue safely for the future. Many childcare organisations fates are linked to the return of school. If proposals to stagger or adjust numbers of children attending at the same time, in addition to suggesting people could return to work in some capacity, makes it inconclusive to working parents what support they can expect in the way of childcare.
  • Posted by TGreen0308 May 06, 2020 at 18:54

    My partner and I are in the same situation. I'm self employed and classed as a key worker (category 3) and we're struggling to juggle working and childcare. After six weeks it's fair to say that our mental health is declining. It's all being made worse by the lack of clarity about childcare for preschool children. It also seems an overlooked aspect of trying to open the economy and ease lockdown when, for many people, the lack of childcare won't change anything for them
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