Progress for those shielded?

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Information and effective help for those in the shielded categories - those with underlying health conditions

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Very little information, hope and help is being provided currently. It appears if we are fed and get our medication then that is considered sufficient. Many of us were living full lives before COVID-19. How are we meant to get beyond lockdown - are we really expected to sit at home - alone - until a vaccine becomes available, if and when it does. What about required medical tests and consultations - they cannot all be done by phone or video, and some older people do not have the technology for those. Assuming a vaccine becomes available - are we suddenly expected to go out to be vaccinated even though our immunity has been impaired by our time as shut-ins? Our lives as people are being defined as medical ailments - some of have no known cause.

by GillHain on May 06, 2020 at 10:42PM

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