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The nation has an epidemic of obesity, which as we now know, is a very significant factor in vulnerability to this virus. It's not simply excess weight that is a factor here, but the conditions that come with being overweight. The government should start highlighting the fact that being overweight is not a good thing, and that getting healthier is vital if one wants to reduce susceptibility. This is of course a longer term strategy. However, given that the virus is not going to go away, and could mutate making any potential vaccine innefectual, a national reduction in obesity levels in the long run would reduce the impact of subsequent waves. Some may find this a taboo subject, but we need to stop dancing around this issue and tackle it head on.

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It's important because raising awareness will hopefully promote healthier lifestyles,. That will help reduce death tolls in future waves. It will also reduce the burden of obesity and it's associated illnesses on the NHS in the future, a future in which funding for the NHS will be hard pressed because of the severe depression we are heading towards.

by John1911 on May 07, 2020 at 05:40AM

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