Promote hygiene in cities and towns with simple measures

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I have observed that some other countries have developed simple and cost effective measures to promote hygiene among its residents.
I think that some simple measures in Scotland could promote hygiene -and support those who may not be able to afford products. Any promotion of hygiene could help reduce pressure on the NHS.
For example I have observed that in America a service was created to offer simple handwashing facilities to homeless people.
In Italy several restaurants and cafes have a hand hygiene gel dispenser at the entrance, and cruises have spray mechanisms and passengers move between different areas of the boat. I have felt for a long time that giving away free bars of soap to people would encourage handwashing. I for one, am extremely worried about returning to use public transport as the standard of cleanliness on some vehicles is simply not up to standard - I would feel more comfortable if there were improved hand washing facilities in bus and train stations and even a hand hygiene gel dispenser to be used before getting on a bus. The same for schools - offices and other areas where there are going to be a lot of people. We give free baby boxes to support health and wellness. In my view the cost of promoting and supporting hygiene among all people in Scotland would be minimal compared to the pressures the NHS will face if we go back to previous standards of cleanliness in our towns and cities.

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by Tidystreets on May 07, 2020 at 09:47AM

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