Proper Lockdown

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We need to enforce the Lockdown properly. That means an instant £100 fine if you are caught visiting friends, family who don't live with you or dating. Going to beaches or public parks and caught Socialising. If the Government UK or Holyrood do that. Then obviously less people will be interacting with others and a proper Lockdown will be in place. Then and only then will we see a reduction in new cases. If we can icolate the Virus effectively. Then we can truly flatten the Curve. Right now the Deaths are up and down and no consistent reduction is in place. Why? Too many people are still breaking the Lockdown rules. That is why Britain has the Worst Covid Death numbers in Europe. No point pointing the finger off blame. If people refuse to go into icolation. Yes the Tories should have acted quicker. Nobody can despute that. We still need Lockdown Laws put in place. The sooner the better too.

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Most people respect Lockdown although the virus continues to spread because there are no Laws or Penalties enforced to stop those who continue to Socialise and flaunt the rules. Despite not voting SNP i believe Nicola Sturgeon is doing a good job. This idea would make it better though.

by StevieLaing on May 07, 2020 at 04:20PM

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