Protect and restrict high risk groups. Give the rest of us our freedom now and get the economy going again

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The response to this disease has been a disgrace. Government's globally and the media have engaged in mass scaremongering of the public. For the vast majority of the public Covid-19 results in either no symptoms or mild to moderate flu symptoms. Despite this, your Government has behaved like a dictatorship. You've stripped the public of its freedoms, destroyed the mental health of thousands, robbed the younger generation of employment opportunities and no doubt sentenced those who are still employed or are lucky enough to find employment in the future to decades of higher taxes to pay off the debt the nation is now in. What you should have done from the start is identify the high risk groups, isolate them and allow the fit and healthy to get on with it. What to do now? Stop treating adults like children. Stop be patronising. Stop acting like a dictator. Open the economy and grant freedom of movement to those deemed low risk.

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It's important because if you don't then we won't have a viable economy anymore. Your also building real problems for the future in terms of a lost generation, potential for public disorder and significant mental health issues, not to mention the financial hardships that so many face thanks to your Government's actions.

by TheOpressed on May 07, 2020 at 02:27PM

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