Protect each other keep the lockdown.

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This is so hard but essential to save lives. More civilian people dying than WW2. Treat staying at home as a bomb shelter. Virus us very similar to what people were told to do in nuclear war to stay safe from radiation.
Please keep the lockdown until R number shows it us safe

First steps. Allow 1 visit per week to elderly relatives for those who comply with lockdown keeping social distance.

Compulsory masks where people gather and public transport

Allow walks using car within 5 miles of home to spread out volume of people gathering in one place. Cars are registered to home address. Easy to check compliance with number plate recognition

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Lockdown must continue. To maintain compliance we need to show that there is a way forward and small steps will be taken to make it more bearable but still safe

by billrose on May 07, 2020 at 08:51AM

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