Protect the lost vulnerable allow the lower risk citizens to make their own decisions re returning to normal.

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This virus is going to be around forever and who knows if/when we will develop a vaccine. We need to be able to live with it and this will mean increased immunity in the population. We should concentrate on protecting the most vulnerable high risk groups who should continue to self isolate and be given lots of support to do this. Vulnerable people who live with lower risk people could be given the option of moving to a hotel, B&B or holiday home/flat at the expense of the government and they could self isolate there - if a hotel they could have their own live in staff etc and become a closed community who could go to restaurants, bars etc in the hotel and walk in the grounds - all people self isolating could be given this option. Low risk people - the definition of which would have to be decided but could be under 70s with no underlying health conditions would have the option of still isolating as above or based on their own personal risk which they could be informed of based on their age, gender, ethnicity, general health, weight etc they could decide to go back to a normal life and accept the risk of catching the virus. They would have to accept that they are at low risk but not no risk based on their personal risk score and it would need to be explained plainly that some low risk people would die (as they already are now). This would treat people like adults and allow them to make their own choice rather than the current situation where we are dictated to and treated like children. The NHS hopefully wouldn't come under much more strain than it is now as the high risk patients would be protected possibly more than they are now. This would allow us to develop the herd immunity we need over a matter of months at which point the high risk people could then be allowed to go back to a normal life but taking whatever precautions they choose. They would have to understand that the virus was still there but they would be at lower risk of catching it as the higher immunity in the community would mean fewer people to pass it on to them. I believe many low risk people would choose to go back to a normal life now given the opportunity. I am in my early 50s and though still at risk of dying from the virus I would rather take my chances than persist with a lockdown which could go on for many months and some restrictions for years. My father who is 75 has said the same. Stop treating us like children, canvas the population to find out what they want and give us genuine choices.

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Having the lockdown for too long could end up causing more harm than the effects of the virus.

by zed9871 on May 06, 2020 at 11:54AM

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