Protecting homeless landlords

My wife and I own a property which we were renting out while we were volunteering abroad for several months. We were flown back to the UK on a repatriation flight one month ago and served notice to leave to the tenant at that time. Our plan was to let her stay in our spare bedroom so she would have somewhere to stay, but she didn't want this.

We then discovered that private residential tenancies have had their notice to leave period extended from one month to three months. We fully understand the good motive behind this to protect tenants from being evicted with nowhere to live. However, we have now had to relocate away from our home. We are key workers but commuting regularly into Edinburgh from our location is unworkable. We understand why our tenant wishes to remain in place, but if some form of socially distant flat viewings were available she would be able to move elsewhere in the area.

We believe property viewing and moving could easily be conducted in a socially distant way, and indeed will have to start at some point given we will need to maintain social distancing for many months to come. It is not sustainable to stop all people moving property for most of 2020.

Why the contribution is important

We are aware we will not be the only people in this situation, and recognise the need to protect tenants. However we think landlords also need to be protected. We have one property and we are not able to live in it. Thank you.

by edtulloch on May 11, 2020 at 09:06PM

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