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It's imperative we deal with the virus and keep people safe however it has become clear the vast majority of people if they catch the virus will have a mild form and it's is a particular section of the population who are most vulnerable. We need to get economy up and running, the government cannot afford to continue spending as they are at the moment. If the giver don't have an income they won't have the funds to run the NHS and welfare system, we need a balance. Get construction back up and running sit can be done safely and so many other businesses need the construction/house building sector up and running so they can get started. We need to get this started quickly before we enter not just a recession but a depression.

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Many years working in construction including recessions I know how badly impacted the economy can be if this industry isn't operating. I also have various family members and friends working in the NHS all of whom are of the same opinion, the NHS is not under undue pressure in fact most areas are quieter then normal. Theses people are very concerned about the economy and future funding if we don't get things back up and running.

by MrsBloxby on May 05, 2020 at 02:07PM

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  • Posted by Alasdrum May 05, 2020 at 14:47

    Fully agree. It is obvious.
  • Posted by AlexMD May 05, 2020 at 16:25

    We need to be sensible rather than hysterical. The so called scientists and medics have been contradicting themselves continually and as a consequence, they are destroying the economy. If the economy continues to degrade, it will have a worse mortality effect than Corvid-19.
  • Posted by Davemac1960 May 05, 2020 at 16:44

    We need to get back to work
  • Posted by ljk84 May 05, 2020 at 17:08

    totally agree, we must get things back on track or I worry what we will have left
  • Posted by ProtestTheHero May 05, 2020 at 19:25

    The economy cannot stand much more of this. And with the majority of people now being paid by the state in one form or another, we absolutely cannot afford to continue throttling the economy and lowering tax revenues. Within reason, the economy needs to be restarted, otherwise our children will be paying off the debts incurred during lockdown decades in the future.
  • Posted by mg68 May 05, 2020 at 20:05

    Totally agree, stoplock down now. Following the science is an ongoing discussion not just following the model of Prof. Ferguson, totaly ludicrous state of affairs when so much is based on modelling.
  • Posted by dav80srebal May 05, 2020 at 20:24

    We need to get the economy back for the sake of our children’s future. If we don’t there will be no future prospects for them! Also there will be more deaths because of poverty and mental health issues.
  • Posted by scotjs May 05, 2020 at 20:37

    This is one of the worse ideas I've read. This is also uninformed and highly offensive that you would dismiss lives like that. The virus doesn't affect a specific section of the population. We know that now. It's actually quite unpredictable and random. You could have a mild case but a child with no underlying health conditions could die. There is nothing wrong with taking extreme economic actions temporarily in unique circumstances. This will not last forever, but death will.
  • Posted by Kaoticskies May 06, 2020 at 07:05

    Fully agree! Absolutely the NHS must be supported and lives must be protected but we now have a section of society that is at great risk due to mental health, social and financial vulnerability. People may not die directly as a result of these vulnerabilities, but there are consequences for the NHS if this is not managed. Increased self harm ; increased demands on social support due to restrictions on visiting; increased demands on government funding. This will have a consequence. On occasions with physical health implications. Our economy is very important and we have to look at ways of safely restarting it.
  • Posted by Sabrinam May 06, 2020 at 09:20

    Whilst we still need to have lockdown measures in place I do think we can look at the way our Southern counterparts are working and adapt it to make it suitable here. Construction and specifically domestic housing construction needs to resume for multiple reasons - the most important being the economy and mental health, both for the workers and the homeowners. There are multiple development sites across the country that have homes at 90% completion or above, these homes could be safely worked on with staff adhering to restrictions. They would not take long to complete and would provide stability for the homeowners who have already passed their move date. This also has a second benefit as the time taken to finish these homes would provide the government and construction companies time to develop longer term plans for safe working measures on projects that aren't as far along.
  • Posted by Kmalcolm May 06, 2020 at 09:46

    People who can work from home should continue to do so but for the rest of the economy that needs to go to a workplace, getting people back to work in a safe manner should be front of mind. Re - opening of retail using social distancing etc... People are losing their livelihoods and will end up in poverty etc which will have knock on effects that will be devastating for people mental heath (suicide rates) and general health of the nation.
  • Posted by kmack May 07, 2020 at 17:45

    Please prioritise lives over the economy. So much money is wasted on unnecessary things (Trident and the House of Lords spring immediately to mind). Surely some of these funds could be reallocated to provide more support to businesses.
  • Posted by FM79 May 08, 2020 at 14:39

    People seem to think it's a choice about economy or lives, however both are intrinsically linked and the bigger picture needs to be considered. If we continue on the current path of economic destruction that the lockdown is causing with no end in sight we will see far more poverty or mental health related deaths in the longer term than we are seeing now due to covid.
  • Posted by ejforrester May 10, 2020 at 20:51

    Construction needs to get back to work. It is essential to the economy and builders are well versed in health and safety and ready to comply with appropriate recommendations. 'Essential' sites have been working without difficulty in Scotland.
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