Provide an expert panel to advise businesses

I'd like to see the government set up panels of experts in each area who can help businesses meet social distancing goals and reorganise what they do Panels could consist of - Architects (to plan building changes) - Engineers (e.g. to design screens, traffic lights for corridors etc) - Behavioural Experts (to advise on how customers and employees might behave) - Systems Engineers (to use systems thinking and look at emergence and consequences of changes) - Legal experts (to advise on liability) Panel members should be consultants funded by the government

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Businesses need good expert multidisciplinary advice to consider changes now. Panels could rubber stamp actions which they believe are safe and publish/share best practice they see

by timk on May 06, 2020 at 11:00PM

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  • Posted by borisjlives May 07, 2020 at 10:17

    money for old rope to keep the elite well funded with public money.... do you need an architect to put lines on the ground, and put temporary barriers in place ? Do I need an engineer to tell me how to position a temporary barrier, or to pick one that is suitable ? Liability for what exactly, ... there is no "safe" with covid-19, there is only less dangerous than doing nothing. If you can catch it on the street (you can) or on a bus (you can) then what do you think retail and work spaces can do to make is "safe". If you are in contact with other people, you are likely to get it, and suffer the consequences depending on your health, fitness, and luck. People behave like people, there is only so much cattle herding you can do to us before we rebel, and there will always be the stupid and selfish who will ignore whatever measures you put in place.
  • Posted by timk May 07, 2020 at 11:28

    You dont need the engineers to do the work, but having an advisory capacity is useful. For instance one of the buildings I work in remains open. The building management have made some strange decisions. There are three stairwells and two lifts. They've closed the lifts, confining people to a small stairwell where you cant distance. The other two stairwells remain closed as they are for fire use only. By opening the other two stairwells for traffic going down and keeping the main stairwell for up, then putting sanitiser in the lifts, changing them for direct travel with no stops and a maximum capacity of 1 we would have a much safer plan for circulation.
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