Pupils continue in same school year.

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Pupils have missed 13 weeks of this academic session and will be phased and part time next session whilst adjusting to new ways of working and part time schooling and potentially personal absence due to self isolating and teacher absence. Mental, physical and emotional well-being all impacted and needs to be stable and nurtured to enable academic and creative growth to thrive. Follow the research and grasp the opportunity. If all pupils repeat, no one is disadvantaged, children start formal education later and seniors in primary and secondary can be developing DYW age appropriate skills to help schools and society get back on an even keel. ( research brings cgi re me should start school age 6/7 not 4/5 as is the position now).

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It is important because it embraces the challenges we face but suggests a transformational change that for many years has been advocated as essential in Scottish Education. We introduce formal education and expectation too soon and so many children fail to reach benchmarks at early level and play catch up all their academic career.

by ChristeenW on May 06, 2020 at 09:11PM

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