A 2 week quarantine for UK travellers is pointless. The UK has a more critical R rate than most other counties, so it's other counties that should freeze out UK travellers, not vice versa. At best it's difficult to monitor, at worst it's unenforceable. And it destroys the tourist and travel econony to boot. Scotland might as well maintain a closed border for all the difference a quarantine would make. Westminster seem to be motivated by trying to appease everyone, while all they're doing is complicating matters.

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Scotland has an entirely different set of demographic, circumstances from the rest of the UK, and should be acting to protect Scottish citizens, not those from Cornwall or Essex.
Scitland has the mandate and capacity to establish travel corridors of its own, as England has done with France.
There is no risk in Scotland sharing a travel bubble with Scandinavian countries who seem quite literally ahead of the curve on this.

by CitizenZ on May 11, 2020 at 02:06PM

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