Quarantine for Scotland

EVERYONE entering Scotland will have to be tested and quarantined, especially those with a legal reason to enter Scotland – such as Scots returning from visiting friends, relatives or business associates in England. That means adding road blocks with diversions to managed quarantine facilities all along the border. Quarantine For Scotland. M6 J45 B7076 Traffic Management. A74(M) Border Road-block. Quarantine at Gretna facilities. For example, the A74(M) would have to be closed at Gretna, most likely north-bound traffic road-blocked on the border itself, asking Cumbria police to divert traffic north-bound for Scotland to turn off the M6 at the last junction (45) and those wishing to quarantine take the B7076 for quarantine facilities just across the border in Scotland, in the area in and around the Greens at Gretna Hotel and the Gretna Gateway South Car Park – with additional caravan camp type facilities added to cope with the expected number of people to be quarantined. There would probably have to be enabling legislation through the Scottish Parliament to allow the Scottish government to make compulsory purchases of buildings and land in those “quarantine zone” areas required to be used for managed quarantine facilities. All that work should have been done years ago as part of pandemic preparedness, but of course wasn’t done because the United Kingdom is totally clueless. More see - https://peterdow.wordpress.com/2020/05/11/quarantine-for-scotland/

Why the contribution is important

It is important to quarantine those entering Scotland to save lives. Countries like New Zealand who have imposed travel restrictions and quarantine on those entering the country have the lowest infection and death rates.

by peterdow on May 11, 2020 at 10:00PM

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