Quarantine 'hotels' for vunerable

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It is ineffective to lockdown the whole country for long periods of time, economically and socially it is no longer working. We need to think of mental health of individuals and the interests of everyone. Quarantining people for months on end in the own home is impractical as some struggle to get food, impacts others who lives with them, and it highlights inequality e.g. people having larger homes/gardens etc. Why cannot we have quarantine 'hotels' that people voluntarily move into if they are older or more at risk of catching the virus. These places can be controlled, protected, and supported. It means that people from larger households can live their life in a more normal fashion if they know the person who is at risk is safe somewhere else. This would be a cheaper alternative than furloughing staff and businesses going bust.

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This is vital for the mental health and wellbeing of our citizens. Quite frankly I think it's unfair that the other costs of lockdown are being ignored. Think of people's livelihoods being lost, dreams being shattered, young people not getting the chance to grow and develop the way they should. The majority of the deaths have been over 75s I think this is insane that we have shut down almost all of society as a way to protect them when there are other ways. We are going to suffer for decades from this to protect the lives of people who have already lived the majority of their time on earth? Unfortunately People will die from this, it is tragic and the UK's death rate is high, unsurprisingly, but it will be higher overall if we allow businesses to crumble, mental health to detoriate and whole industries to fail. We need a better way forward than just staying lockdown and honestly I think quarantine hotels are a brilliant way of doing this.

by Karla12345 on May 07, 2020 at 01:24PM

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