Quarantine is working

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I don't think that this government is doing anything wrong, I'm more wary than others, and I would like to see the lock down continued until the government can say with a certain degree of certainty that the coronavirus will not return in the form of a second spike due to ending the lock down to early.
Throughout all of this the NHS has been unbelievable, their strength and expertise has been invaluable too so many people, and while we have any doubts about the coronavirus, I feel that the lock down must remain in place, as the old saying goes "prevention is better than cure"

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I simply don't feel that we as a small nation can risk the loss of more lives, or putting the staff of the NHS under the pressure of a second spike of infection, they and we, deserve better.

by Bigjimrfc on May 07, 2020 at 12:32PM

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