Quarantine too strict

The lockdown / quarantine is the same over-regulatory mistake made by the teacher who says; 'Unless the naughty child owns up, you're ALL going to get detention'.

So, instead of locking up the whole world, it would be better to advise only the most vulnerable people - mostly the elderly to self-quarantine.

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The lockdown is ruining the economy / jobs.

by JamesRoberts on May 07, 2020 at 04:30PM

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  • Posted by Searchers1 May 07, 2020 at 16:38

    Totally agree with your comments. What happened to a risk based approach. Even some scientists had to agree knee jerk reaction. Not the world's economy and people suffering as a result. We need positive ways out of this and quickly!!!
  • Posted by scotjs May 07, 2020 at 16:46

    No! That is not how it is and that is not how it works!

    As we know now, the virus does not just kill the most vulnerable. It kills young, healthy people too. It kills medical workers who get mass influxes of sick patients.

    1 in 5 people need hospitalised, and there is no clear pattern as to who those people are.

    Your suggestion would bring about a 2nd wave and kill many.

    Please propose more informed ideas.
  • Posted by Scottiebelle10 May 07, 2020 at 17:01

    This virus has killed all ages of the population no set group could be isolated
  • Posted by HealthyCitizen May 07, 2020 at 17:14

    I do not agree with this continued lockdown, I do not believe that Scotland or other parts of the UK should have the same severe measures as high risk areas. Other countries have taken a regional approach and so should we.
  • Posted by KenRichardson May 07, 2020 at 17:27

    We should move to allow limited gatherings, preferably within families, as family support is critical to mental health and wellbeing. Continued isolation of all the population is building up problems both for the present and the future.
  • Posted by kviera200 May 07, 2020 at 17:32

    Compared to the other countries who were hit as badly as us, our quarantine is way more relaxed than theirs already and our death toll is exceptionally high. Maybe they could let people leave house for non-exercise, but still only in a pair from same household, if they do not have their own garden. Maybe they could be 5 metres from any other sitting pairs. Because yes people with no gardens and in small flats are going crazy but the situation is not under control.
  • Posted by JoysieJ May 07, 2020 at 17:39

    I agree this is a more sensible approach - allowing the healthy to go back to work while still protecting the vulnerable. The economy can start moving again and we can contribute to vital services which cannot function indefinitely without the money made by the general public.
  • Posted by Nursewifemother May 07, 2020 at 19:30

    Tell that to the families who have died , especially key workers. We’ve not had a choice
  • Posted by Zilsniggy May 08, 2020 at 03:59

    No. The virus will travel if it has a host. You may feel perfectly well but be carrying it and infecting others unbeknown to you the only way the virus will be stopped is if you deprive it of host material.
    The flaw in this thinking is that the virus 'only' affects certain groups, it doesn't. Stay at home, stay out of circulation until the infection rate is lowered. It's not rocket science.
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