Quick testing

There is available a quick test which gives result in an hour. It is being used in some hospitals in England to restart urgent operations If patient negative they can get their operation that day. Why do we not have the quick tests ?? We could then test the care workers every morning before they go into care homes and stop the spread of virus in the homes. Likewise we could use it for carers in community thus shielding the most vulnerable and the rest of us can get back to work

Why the contribution is important

Gets the economy back on track and helps all the business recover from this shutdown. Stops us isolating the well when we should be isolating the sick. More effective way of tracing the virus as it’s no use discovering you are negative two days ago as you may have picked up the virus in the two days you waited for the result of the test

by POR on May 07, 2020 at 07:45AM

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