R0 calculation

Although R0 is obviously difficult to calculate and does have a range we have been told that it is higher in Scotland than in England so there must be some reasonably accurate data to make that judgement. On the basis that we are being treated as adults those figures should be made available to us. The figures that are available to us are as follows:- UK total infections per million = 3286 Scotland total infections per million = 2478 UK rolling previous 7 days infections per million = 68 Scotland rolling previous 7 days infections per million = 35 Also the rolling 7 day infection rate in Scotland has been falling steadily since 20th April whereas the UK figures have hardly fallen at all since that date. There is no issue with the decision to be more cautious than the UK government but transparency in the data and the interpretation of those data would be welcome.

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Understanding and transparency of the data driving the decisions

by rnaughty on May 11, 2020 at 09:53PM

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