Randomised Testing and Localised Restrictions

Employ a system of randomised testing along side general symptomatic testing in local areas, possibly by constituency / Postcode. The numbers required would have to be defined by statisticians to be statistically significant, with sufficient excess to counter non compliance for a voluntary scheme. Then use this data to have a more informed approach to lockdowns/ restrictions on a local level. This would allow pockets across the country to open / close are required. Possibly employing buffer areas as well e.g. if one area shows an increase or high levels of infection, then that gets locked down, and the surrounding areas to it also locked down.

Why the contribution is important

Over time this will allow a more nuanced approach to restrictions allowing areas of the country less affected to open quicker rather than a blanket approach affecting areas where there is little or no infection / transmission. This approach would of course need to be incorporated with Social Distancing / Mask Wearing etc. it would also help target resources to the areas most required, instead of being thinly spread out across the entire country.

by gordonbrown on May 11, 2020 at 12:28PM

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