Re-open golf courses

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Re-open golf courses. Golf is a sport which can easily be played while adopting social distancing measures. Indeed such measures were put in place just prior to lockdown - no rakes in bunkers, hole liners inverted so balls do not drop to bottom of hole, do not touch pins, arrive no more than 10 mins before tee off time, tee of times to be pre-booked (no casual golfers turning up), ball washers and water fountains covered, etc It seems odd that while I can walk/cycle over a golf course with another member of my household and perhaps a dog or dogs or kick a football or throw a frisbee while I observe social distancing I cannot carry a bag and clubs and hit golf shots from time to time. It is likely that if 2 golfers played from the same tee that they are unlikely to finish in the same area of the fairway/rough in any event. Most handicap golfers are not that accurate. This will ensure social distancing in any event.

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Good for mental health and simple exercise with a small bit of social interaction in the form of conversation thrown in for good measure. Physical health being maintained for all those who take part.

by Honiara1973 on May 05, 2020 at 04:48PM

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