Re-open plant section of Garden Centres

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Gardens and gardening have been considered good for mental health. Opening them with strategic spacing as in food stores would enable people to buy plants, shrubs, trees, gardening tools and pots in order to plant in gardens or for indoors. If necessary perhaps the gift and coffee section of such centres should remain closed for longer. Managers of Garden Centres may not think this is practical - but worth considering.

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Gardening has been cited as a good form of exercise and important for mental health. The TV gardening programmes are popular and have encouraged us to grow things - but finding them on line has been difficult and many sites are over subscribed, have run out of seeds etc - as I have found. Opening up the Centres creates income for the owners, work for people to maintain the centres and a way back to "normality" for those who want to grow things at this time of year but haven't the seeds, plants even pots to be able to do so.

by DennyB on May 07, 2020 at 11:30AM

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