Re-opening of non nhs physical therapy establishments such as chiropractors, osteopaths and sports therapy / massage

As consideration is given to finding ways to re-open "non essential" NHS services that consideration is also given to finding ways to support private physical therapy providers such as chiropractors, osteopaths and sports therapy treatment practitioners to re-open. Recognition is needed of the importance of this sector in treating a wide range of acute and chronic (pain) conditions, the way they compliment a number of other nhs treatments / services and probably reduce demand on these. Given the nature of such treatments they could not be done without close physical contact. Therefore the importance of the sector would need acknowledged, ideas shared about ways to reduce risk and, crucially, a recognition their services are important enough to justify some prioritisation in provision of PPE equipment.

Why the contribution is important

It is likely 1000's of people routinely use places such as osteopaths, chiropractors and sports therapy practitioners to assist with a wide range of acute and chronic injuries and other medical conditions - either as a primary form of treatment or to compliment other treatments. Their closure during the pandemic will have left many patients / clients without these valuable treatments, worsening conditions, prolonging recovery and, importantly, suffering pain. Without resumption of services many will be left with on going issues - affecting ability to work and potentially putting strain on wider nhs medical services.

by ghanley1 on May 05, 2020 at 03:19PM

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  • Posted by TTait May 06, 2020 at 08:52

    I agree completely. I think with appropriate PPE and measures in place to ensure everyone's safety these services should be allowed to resume. The number of people suffering pain and damaged well being is increasing daily.
  • Posted by SR May 08, 2020 at 13:57

    I think it is extremely important that private physiotherapists are allowed to reopen as soon as possible. At the moment, I am doing essential physio after an operation over Skype because I can't meet my physio in person. It is no match for a face to face meetings. I find it crazy that in the town I live in, a small luxury delicatessen is allowed to stay open, but the physio is not. I am only going to a private physio because the NHS waiting time (before the virus) was 4 months. I feel it is taking pressure off the NHS to use private services.
  • Posted by lizflett May 08, 2020 at 17:49

    Podiatry also should be allowed to restart as people will be suffering pain as a result of not being able to access treatment.
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