Re opening of schools and nurseries

Children do need at some point to return to school and nursery however this needs to be well thought out to ensure safety for staff and their families as well as the children. Older children in school could possibly return with reduced numbers, perhaps some children 2 days a week with reduced staff and others the other 2 days with different staff and maybe 1 day ALL homeworking? Older children can grasp the concept of social distancing however this is more difficult in nurseries and daycare. Nurseries provide education and day care for babies and very young children and engage in close social contact i.e changing nappies etc. therefore, as in Social Care guidelines, staff should have full PPE to do so safely, this protects both adult and child from transmission. Again time accessing the service should be split maybe shorter days on offer. Staff should work from home some days also. Communal areas such as staffrooms need to be changed as these are generally too small to social distance in, perhaps other areas need to be created. Risk assessments should be well thought out to manage and reduce risk of infection. Environments should be deep cleaned at least weekly.

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To ensure a service in place to provide an education to children whilst reducing the risk of infection of Covid-19

by AlexaJoy on May 06, 2020 at 02:37PM

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